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            STB series of semi-closed precision punch
            Product name:

            STB series of semi-closed precision punch

            Product number:
            Product introduction:

            High safety, high precision and easy operation
            ■ High-rigidity steel frame design, the use of high-quality steel welding, after eliminating the stress of processing, improve the accuracy and stability of the whole machine reliability.
            ■ Transmission Center and the overall center of the machine to ensure accurate and stable stamping.
            ■ In order to ensure the relative stability of the machine running, symmetrical two balancer device design.
            ■ adjust the mold precision up to 0.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable.
            ■ Crankshaft, gear sets, connecting rods and other components, after the hard oxidation and grinding process, with a very high overall performance and durability.
            ■ Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch / brake device and international top double electromagnetic valve, overload protection device to ensure the accuracy and safety of press slide running and stopping.
            ■ Machine structure design is reasonable, easy to achieve automated production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

            ■ Advanced design concept, low noise, low consumption, energy saving.


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