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            High-speed precision punching products after stamping the surface quality

            Release date: 2018-02-01 14:49:20 Visits: 1558

            The use of high-speed stamping press material quality requirements, including the following aspects
            1, the surface of the material must be smooth and smooth, no scratches, no pores and shrinkage.
            2, the material cross-section without stratification, there is no obvious mechanical damage.
            3, the material surface no rust, no oxide and other attachments. In the high-speed stamping process, the surface of good quality materials, access to smooth surface, high quality workers. and in the deformation process is not easy to break, not easy to damage the mold.
            In summary, high-speed press in the stamping process, the product''s surface requirements are still relatively high.
            High-speed precision stamping stamping material if it is a metal coil material, the surface quality of the material, the state has certain requirements and requirements. For example: High-quality carbon structural steel sheet, the national standard not only provides three levels of tension, according to the surface quality is divided into different fine surfaces.
            In general, the stamping process on the processed material requirements are: the dimensional accuracy of materials and surface quality, punching processability.
            1. Material dimensional accuracy:
            Mainly refers to the thickness of the material size tolerances. The thickness tolerance of the stamping coil must be controlled within a certain range, because the stamping die design, the material thickness is often an important basic parameters. If the actual production of material thickness fluctuations, it is possible to make sharp increase in processing capacity or workpiece rupture, stamping process can not be carried out smoothly, but also may damage the mold or high-speed precision punching, it must be tested to control material thickness tolerances.
            2. The surface condition of the material:
            The surface condition of the material to be machined also affects the die life and forming limit of the stamping process. Usually require stamping material surface without damage, no defects, no oxidation. But because of the sheet surface roughness also affect the drawing process, etc., so according to different requirements to choose the right material.
            3 material stamping processability:
            Stamping of materials refers to the material must be suitable for stamping performance.


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